Marine who lost three limbs in Afghanistan can now run, cycle and ski again thanks to prosthetic legs controlled by BLUETOOTH

A former Royal Marine who lost three of his limbs in Afghanistan has been given new legs that can be controlled by Bluetooth - allowing him to run, cycle and ski.

Mark Ormrod’s state-of-the-art limbs can be adapted at the touch of a button - with settings for five different activities.

Mr Ormrod, 30, lost both of his legs and an arm six years ago after he stepped on an IED.

The father-of-three was later dubbed a ‘real hero’ of the war by Prince Harry.

Mr Ormrod feared he would have to remortgage his home to pay for the top-of-the-range £115,000 legs but they were supplied for free on the NHS thanks to an £11million Government scheme to help veterans.

As a result, he has now become the first injured British veteran to be fitted with a set of Genium limbs.

The carbon fibre prosthetics include microprocessors which make hundreds of adjustments.

They can be adapted with Bluetooth or a remote control so amputees can stand and walk naturally on slopes, climb up and down stairs, and even ski and cycle.

After taking his first steps on the new legs, Mr Ormrod said: ‘The stability is so much better. I can stand on a slope, walk up stairs or just stand on the spot.

‘I don’t need to reach constantly for stability which means I’ll be able to pick up my baby daughter and walk around the house like a regular dad.

‘The battery life is ten days and they are even splash-proof.

‘I took the kids to Legoland last year and had to sit out the log flume - now I’ll be able to get stuck in like everyone else.’

(Source: Daily Mail)

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  • 01 August 2013
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